Who am I and what I do

Web developer and coder

I have studied at collage with Information Technologies speciality. Later achieved Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Transportation Technologies. Now I am studying Administration of Web Servers. I am also big passionate of cryptography, cryptology and security in general. I know fluently languages native Polish and English, but I also speak German and Spanish. In free moments I love playing on my electric guitar.

I am a creator. Creating not only showcase web pages, but also modern, high-quality, reliable and fast web applications. Especially interested in topics, where multiple technologies are combined, thus AJAX, SOAP, PHP and scripting languages. All applications and webpages are made responsive, meaning usage is clean and easy on all electronic devices: from large TV's, through personal computers and laptops, to phones and tablets.

Such work demands knowledge about web servers and their operating systems, thus both Linux and Windows family. Also important are server programs, such as Apache, mailservers, spam filters, firewalls and backup systems.

Such wide knowledge helps serving clients in best possible ways.